Power without Limits 

The bar for the quality of services is extremely high in our industry. Because technology and requirements are always changing, constant adjustments and maximum flexibility are required in order to meet the needs and expectations of customers – at any time and in the best possible way. And it’s just that which we have been succeeding at over the last five decades.  

 Our RANGE of services

There’s Many Reasons for Success
It’s one thing to lift loads and quite another to get them to where they are needed (or where they are going to be disposed of). We are very proud of being able to solve both tasks safely and easily, even when it comes to parts with unusual shapes, weights and dimensions. In other words – Hofmann takes hold of the task!

Always Adapting

Whether we like it or not, times are always changing, and requirements change with them. (Who, by the way, would know that better than us with our 50-year company history?) Therefore, it is for us almost a matter of routine that we are constantly up to date, investing at the right time and always upgrading our technology. 

The facsination of force